I decided to build a simple Slack bot one day last year when I felt like a change of pace. I wanted to work on something simple that utilised existing APIs, so that I could have something working in a day.

The premise of the app is that everyone wants inspiration in moments in their day. Whenever you feel like inspiration and you are in Slack, just message the bot and it will fetch an amazing photo for you.

I found an article that explained the Slack client written in python and built an application that responded to @messages with photographs sourced from Unsplash.

This week I decided to work on the OAuth workflow so the Slack app could be added by anyone to their team.

So go ahead and add the bot to your Slack team and receive some moments of inspiration whenever necessary.

The default username of the bot is @inspire-me. Once you have authorised the bot access to your team, add that user to a channel. Message the bot and it will reply with a photo. You can use the keyword front page for the latest photos, or a category to look up whatever category. If the category exists at Unsplash, the bot will fetch a photo from the category. If the category doesn't exist or it can't figure out your message it will fetch a popular photo.

Some example commands:
@inspire-me front page
@inspire-me nature

View the privacy policy for the application here.

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